What exactly can a VA do for you? Find out what Don't Panic's virtual assistant services do (and don't!) entail.

Virtual Administrative Support


Finances #Handled

You don’t need your CPA to issue every invoice or track every expense. We can use your online accounting software (think Freshbooks, Wave, or QuickBooks Online) to invoice your clients, track receivables, pay your bills, and make your bank account a happy camper.

Calendar Management

Stop Managing Your Time. Start Using It Instead!

Event Planning

Best. Party. Ever.


Putting Those Liberal Arts Degrees to Good Use

Project Management

Tasks, Calendars, and Deadlines, Delivered With a Smile

Executive Assistants

Jenn Hines

Kimberly Voorhis

Briana Barrios

Carly Ries

Elise LeBreton

What exactly can a VA do for you? Find out what Don't Panic's virtual assistant services do (and don't!) entail.

Content Marketing


Can You Tell By Now That We Love Words?

If you’re an avid reader of online content on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and many more—chances are you’ve run into content that was written by the DPM team. Averaging 50,000 words per month in content deliveries, we’ve mastered the art of turning your expertise into top-notch online content that generates leads while matching the tone of your brand.

Content Curation

Sharing is Caring... And Good For Business

Content Management

Consistency is Key, But Also Really Time Consuming

Social Content Scheduling

Get the Right Message Out to the Right People

Community Management

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Webinar Management

We Take Care of the Details So You Can Run the Show!

Copywriters and Content Managers

Emily Hansel

Elise LeBreton

Carly Ries

Kimberly Voorhis

Dan Rogers

Becca Vaclavik

Amanda Rodhe

Erin Guidry

Jess Ostroff

What exactly can a VA do for you? Find out what Don't Panic's virtual assistant services do (and don't!) entail.

Podcast Production

Guest Management

You Just Do The Talking

There’s a reason why many popular podcasts feature interviews: You can only get so far by talking to your microphone! We’ll take the stress of coordinating timing with podcasts guests, getting the details on your (and their!) calendar, and sending them all the details they need to be a valuable guest. All you’ll need to do is show up with great interview questions to make each episode a smashing success!

Audio Editing

Can You Hear Me Now?

Video Production

Give Your Audience A Face to Match the Voice

Podcast Producers

Jenn Hines

Jess Ostroff

Dan Rogers

Elise LeBreton

Kimberly Voorhis

What We Don't Do

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Recurring In-Person Tasks

Want to fly us in to help coordinate your annual company meeting, live-tweet your conference, or ghostwrite your blog coverage for an industry event? We'll pack our bags! But for the day-to-day stuff, we operate behind the digital scenes from all over the country, so we're not your best bet for running errands or dropping off your kid's forgotten lunch box.

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24-Hour Availability

We pride ourselves on being efficient and responsive, but even so, most of our team members work part-time (10-30 hours per week) and have multiple clients. Their availability to you reflects that schedule. (After all, if you paid an admin assistant to work 8 hours a week in your office, you wouldn’t expect him/her to answer your texts at 7pm on a Thursday night.) We offer a guaranteed response time of within one business day and are usually much faster, and you’ll always have access to a second DPM staffer in case of an urgent need.

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Staff Recruitment and Hiring

Because we aren’t a full-time staffing or temp agency, your connected assistant (or team of assistants) will always work under the Don’t Panic umbrella. We love sharing our assistants’ awesome skills and expertise with you and helping them to become an integrated member of both our teams, but we aren’t in the business of helping you hire full-time employees.

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Strategic Direction

Our team is highly qualified to help you achieve your business goals—but at the end of the day, we’re at our best when we’re executing the task-list rather than strategizing the work.