Client Testimonials

"When I started Convince & Convert, the first person I asked to join the team was Jess Ostroff, and that's proven to be one the best decisions I've ever made. She and her team at Don't Panic Mgmt are sharp, fast, fun, and 10,000% reliable. My company is now one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the U.S., and DPM is a big reason why.

- Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

"To say that DPM offers executive "support" feels lackluster, because it doesn't go far enough to describe the depth and breadth of how much more capable you'll feel with them by your side. They're easy to work with, reliable, and (best of all) fun people who feel as vested in your success as you are.

- Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

"More than a few times, I've found myself thanking my DPMer for saving the day! Working with Don't Panic Mgmt has allowed me to spend more time focusing on business development and client services, instead of being distracted by administrative tasks. Their organization, attention to detail and uncanny ability to know what I need (even before I ask!) has made them an invaluable extension of our team for the past few years.

- Heather Whaling, Geben Communication

"I often say that today's marketer must be more than just a good marketer—they must also be a good writer, publisher, their own PR department, influencer, analyst, graphic artist, presenter and more. The great thing about working with Don't Panic Mgmt has been that Jess and the team are willing to wear any one of these hats if and when needed. Thankful to have the opportunity to work with you.

- Martin Jones, Cox Communications

"The Don't Panic team has made my life easier as they've easily adopted our extremely specialized subject matter and excelled at producing high-quality, thoughtful content that is often a struggle for many freelance writers. The best part about working with DPM is not having to worry for a second about the quality of the work. Time and time again, it's so top-notch, it exceeds my expectations.

- Meredith Wood, Fundera

"Don't Panic Management is always the calm, clear voice in the midst of the storm; that's when they weren't keeping the storm at bay, which was most of the time. They helped make the launch of Business of Story epic. Thank you!

- Park Howell, The Business of Story

"I didn't realize how many more hours I had in a day for strategy and business development, until I started working with Don't Panic Management. With Jess and the Don't Panic team, I can concentrate on growing my business and making my clients happy. At the same time, they keep me organized and focused on what I do best. Thank you for making my work days much more productive!

- Deirdre Breakenridge, Pure Performance Communications

"Don’t Panic Management is a lifesaver for an agency owner with a growing business (like me). I need professional, reliable folks to make important workflows for my clients run smoothly. Most importantly, I need people I can depend on to figure things out and deliver high-quality results on time. There are a lot of things I still worry about in business, but I don’t worry at all about the responsibilities I’ve delegated to DPM. I happily pay their invoice first every month as it’s an amazing investment in my business operations, client happiness, and personal peace of mind.

- Matt Gartland, Winning Edits

"The best parts about working with Don’t Panic Management are the level of professionalism and structure, and that they keep me on point. Sure, they save me loads of time by tackling some of the tasks I wouldn’t have time for otherwise, but they also hold me accountable.

- Beth Cochran, Wired PR

"I can't recommend Don't Panic Management enough! Jess and her team are true professionals and they will make your business look fantastic. The DPM team expertly functioned as part of our team to fill some important gaps and extend our bandwidth. I trust them implicitly and would hire them again in a heartbeat!

- Laura Click, Blue Kite Marketing

"It's clutch to have the DPM team here to help us maintain a weekly consistency of episodes and content for Marketing Cloudcast. We can't keep making month-over-month download gains without their help!

- Heike Young, Salesforce

"Working with my team at DPM felt like they were part of the Sococo family. They consistently treated my needs with urgency, candor, and efficiency. As a startup, we have to respond to opportunities quickly and they always came through, no matter how last minute our requests were. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to punch up the performance of their marketing team.

- Mandy Ross, Sococo